Commercial Real Estate

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The purchase, sale, and leasing of commercial property involves many business issues, from finance to portfolio management, from leasing to cost-sharing, from tax to insurance.

At Torkin Manes, our Commercial Real Estate Group is steeped in the business of real estate, bringing lengthy industry experience to bear on our clients’ real estate issues. While most firms can conduct a real estate transaction, we also analyse the business issues involved and help clients develop business strategies for buying, financing, developing, selling, and leasing property. We integrate our real estate expertise with business law, planning law, tax law, mortgage and financing law, creditor and debtor law, partnership and syndication law, landlord and tenant law and litigation—all as they relate to real estate transactions.

Our reputation is reflected in the fact that Torkin Manes is counsel to LawPRO, the Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company, providing opinions and strategy on the standard of practice for real estate lawyers in Ontario. We also have special expertise in title repair, frequently acting as counsel for other lawyers and title insurers in solving difficult transactions and title problems.

How we do what we do is equally important. Our clients know us to be creative thinkers about their real estate matters: if a path is closed, we will find an alternative solution. We are seasoned contract negotiators, business strategists and client advisors. Should a dispute arise, we know when to mediate and when to litigate. Above all, we are mindful of our clients’ money: we look for the most practical, cost-effective solutions that will meet our clients’ objectives.  

Some of our many Commercial Real Estate services include:

  • Commercial leasing, lease review and negotiations
  • Condominium development and sales
  • Cost-sharing agreements
  • Expropriation
  • Joint ventures
  • Legislation (analysis and recommendations)
  • Purchase and sale of property
  • Real estate finance
  • Residential development (commercial and industrial)
  • Shopping centre development
  • Title repair
  • Zoning, planning and subdivision of land