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Torkin Manes LLP - Doing Business in Canada

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Canada is a dynamic place for non-Canadians to do business. During the last decade, it has stood out among the world’s nations as one of the most stable business environments, whether measured in terms of its currency, political climate, highly educated and trained workforce, or ability to both develop and attract world-class talent.

At Torkin Manes, we are experienced in assisting international organizations establish themselves and do business in Canada. In addition, we have been instrumental in advising Canadian businesses conducting business outside of our borders in a seamless fashion.

Much of our international work is concentrated in cross-border work, both inbound and outbound. We have assisted many foreign businesses and individuals with their business investments in Canada.

We assist clients with commercial negotiations, establishment of Canadian affiliates, international licensing agreements, mergers and acquisitions, public and private debt and equity issues, structured finance transactions, taxation, litigation, commercial real estate acquisitions, financing and development, the establishment of tax-effective business structures, and a wide range of regulatory issues, in Canada and abroad.

Additionally, Torkin Manes is a founding member of the International Alliance of Law Firms (now Ally Law), an international network of select law firms that enables us to help our clients obtain top-notch legal service and counsel in over 40 jurisdictions worldwide. It also allows us to render services to other Ally Law members' clients from around the globe.

We are proud of our involvement in assisting both companies and individuals in developing new, investing in and acquiring existing, Canadian and foreign businesses. We believe that foreign investment benefits both Canadians and the global economy. 

To assist those exploring the prospect of expanding their businesses into Canada, we offer Doing Business in Canada: A Legal Overview highlighting some of the fundamental issues that foreign businesses and decision-makers need to consider when evaluating Canada as a possible investment destination.