Personal Injury

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The families of people who have been catastrophically injured or killed need help in many ways. There is the immediate emergency and then the long-term implications: how will a young family cope without the breadwinner? How will a spouse cope without the help and companionship of the other spouse? How will a family cope with caring for a seriously injured child, spouse, or parent? The family’s future may depend upon the outcome of a personal injury lawsuit.

Personal injury is a very difficult and complex area of law. Our Personal Injury Group is one of the most experienced in Canada, providing a full range of legal services from investigation of the facts through to prosecution of personal injury cases, both trial and appeal. Such injuries may have been sustained in an accident, as a result of using defective products, on premises that were not properly maintained, or as a result of negligence.

Our Group has obtained substantial monetary awards for clients who lack the financial means to fund personal injury lawsuits. We have assisted clients with insurance disputes, including claims for long-term disability insurance. We are also experienced in the procedures and litigation involving the appointment of guardians for those who cannot make decisions on their own.

To ensure that much-needed compensation is obtained as quickly as possible, we provide free initial consultations, flexible retainer arrangements, up-front medical-legal investigations, and aggressive prosecution of viable claims. We also have the backing of a full-service law firm, so we are able to offer other legal services, such as will preparation and tax advice, as required.

The courts and the legal profession recognize Torkin Manes’ Personal Injury Group as leaders in the field of personal injury law. We are often retained by other lawyers as trial counsel or co-counsel on complex cases.

Some of our many personal injury cases have involved:

  • Catastrophic motor vehicle accidents
  • Work injuries
  • Accident benefits
  • Brain injury
  • Fatalities
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Product liability 

Sexual Assault

Sexual abuse is a particular form of personal injury, the effects of which can last a lifetime. Many survivors of sexual assault seek closure and a way to heal, often years after the abuse. They need a safe place where they can discuss their legal options with lawyers who have a special expertise in, and understanding of, their situation.

We have helped hundreds of survivors of sexual abuse, whether it was an isolated incident or a long-term situation. We help them sort through their legal options to find the way that will help them the most. If they choose to sue, we know how to prepare an effective lawsuit that will help them achieve their healing goals. Such a lawsuit can be brought against both the abuser and responsible individuals or institutions. We empower our clients to stand up for themselves, secure in the knowledge that they are protected by our extensive legal experience with sexual assault cases.

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