Wills, Trusts & Estates

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The Torkin Manes’ Wills, Trusts & Estates Group is uniquely positioned to advise and represent clients in a complete range of legal services related to estate planning, estate administration, and disputes involving estate, trust, power of attorney and guardianship matters.

As part of a full-service firm, we collaborate with our Business, Tax, Real Estate, Not-For-Profit & Charities, and Family Law Groups to provide seamless, efficient service to ensure that our clients’ legal and family interests are protected and their goals are achieved. Torkin Manes’ long involvement with the entrepreneurial community makes us especially suited to advise family business owners on succession planning.

Our clients include individuals, business owners and their families, companies, trust companies, government agencies, and charitable and not-for profit organizations.

Our estate planning services include techniques to achieve our clients’ objectives and minimize taxes, through the preparation of wills, powers of attorney for property and personal care, trusts and charitable giving. As well, we coordinate with U.S. professional advisors when completing cross-border planning for U.S. citizens and residents and clients purchasing vacation properties in the U.S.

We advise estate trustees, estate trustees during litigation, trustees, attorneys for property and personal care and guardians with respect to their duties and responsibilities, including in respect of the assets and liabilities involved. We assist with the transfer, disposition and/or distribution of assets and all matters ancillary thereto. 

We advise beneficiaries and/or family members of their rights and entitlements in estate, trust, power of attorney, and guardianship matters.

Torkin Manes is fortunate to have on its Wills, Trusts & Estates team a senior specialist in Estate Litigation with wide ranging expertise in estate and trust related disputes, including with respect to the validity or interpretation of wills, capacity, undue influence, the appointment or removal of estate trustees, estate trustees during litigation, trustees or guardians, dependant support applications, spousal equalization claims, claims in trust, breaches of trust, guardianship applications, power of attorney disputes, applications for directions and advice, passings of accounts, applications to vary trusts or rectify wills, minors and the incapable.

Torkin Manes is also fortunate to have on its Not-For-Profit & Charities team a senior specialist who has been recognized as Lawyer of the Year by Best Lawyers in Canada

Our senior estate litigator is also an experienced estate mediator.

The complexities of our clients' personal and financial affairs both from a planning and litigation perspective often require a multi-disciplinary approach which Torkin Manes provides as a leader in this area.