Date of Event: Nov 8, 2018: 08:00 - 09:30

Employment & Labour Breakfast Seminar - The Emergence of Marijuana in the Ontario Workplace


As the legalization of cannabis is quickly approaching, many questions have been raised regarding cannabis in the workplace, and will be addressed in this seminar. For example: How will the new legislation affect employees who must work outside of Canada? How will employers navigate through the legislative maze of managing cannabis use by employees who occupy “safety sensitive” positions?

In this informative seminar, Torkin Manes Employment & Labour Group members Irv Kleiner and Gillian Howe will provide Employers and members of management with an overview of the impact that cannabis is having on workplaces throughout the Province of Ontario.

Topics will include:
•A Review of the Relevant Statutory Framework
•The difference in treatment of cannabis use for medicinal and recreational purposes
•Laws that affect Random drug/alcohol Testing in the Workplace
•When is it permissible for employers to discipline employees for cannabis use
•How does the Human Rights legislation impact cannabis use in the employment context
•What are the emergent workplace issues that will flow and how can employers be proactive

This seminar is HRPA accredited.

To inquire about registration for this event, please contact Jessica Horowitz.

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