Date of Event: Feb 18, 2021

Sonu Dhanju-Dhillon to co-chair Bench Perspectives for Women Advocates


Sonu Dhanju-Dhillon will be an event co-chair for Bench Perspectives for Women Advocates, presented by The Advocates’ Society on Thursday, February 18, 2021.

Join women advocates for a roundtable discussion with members of the bench from across Canada. Judicial panelists will share insights and advice with mid-career women litigators on key issues from courtroom "dos and don'ts" to the impact of COVID-19 on women advocates in the virtual courtroom.

This event is being hosted by the Women in Litigation subgroup of the 10+ Standing Committee. The 10+ Standing Committee was established to promote the interests of mid-career advocates within The Advocates' Society. The Committee fosters networking and engagement among mid-career members to support advocates during this phase of their career and promote access to justice initiatives, pro bono initiatives, leadership, and career and business development programs for mid-career advocates. The Women in Litigation subgroup was created with the understanding that mid-career women litigators benefit from initiatives and events that focus on and can speak to the unique challenges faced by women in the legal sector.

To learn more or register, please visit the The Advocates’ Society website. 

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