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Date of Event: May 9, 2017: 08:00 - 11:00

Staying in Business and Out of Hot Water...Be Prepared to Manage Workplace Change


On Tuesday, May 9th, Torkin Manes hosted an informative program on how to manage a workplace crisis.

Members of Torkin Manes Employment & Labour Relations Group, along with accomplished public affairs consultant Sam Bornstein, addressed emerging trends and developments in employment and labour relations law and shared advice on preparing for upcoming regulatory reforms.

In addition to topical presentations on recent developments in regulations and employer obligations, the session included an engaging panel discussion on emerging issues and strategies to prepare to meet future challenges in workplace management.

This seminar was for owners, managers, human resource professionals, labour relations professionals, and senior members of management.

There was no charge for this Seminar.

8:00 - 8:30 am      Breakfast and registration
8:30 - 10:15 am    Presentations
10:15 - 11:00 am  Panel discussion and audience Q&A

Topics & Speakers

Preparing for New Union Organizing Strategies, and Recent Developments in Labour Arbitration
Irv Kleiner

  • Unions’ use of social media to organize the non-union workplace and how to respond
  • Significant arbitration awards employers should be aware of

Big Changes Ahead: The Changing Workplaces Review
Daniel Pugen

  • Key reforms that will likely be addressed in the upcoming Changing Workplaces Review final report

Human Rights in the Modern Workplace – What Employers Need to Know
Gillian Howe

  • New grounds of discrimination
  • Navigating difficult accommodation issues and understanding employer obligations
  • Developing areas of human rights and workplace accommodation including mental health, addiction, drug and alcohol testing, and family status – childcare and eldercare

Panel Discussion – Emerging Trends and Challenges in the Workplace
Peter Straszynski
PanelistsTom Stefanik, Lisa Corrente, Sam Bornstein

  • What are the emerging issues employers should know about?
  • Challenges for managers – making the tough choices
  • Managing the media in a viral news environment
  • Are you prepared to manage an unexpected workplace crisis?

To inquire about registration for this event, please contact Jessica Horowitz.

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