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Jan 4, 2019

Andrew Wilder quoted in Marijuana Business Daily regarding a change to the Bermuda laws

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Andrew Wilder, Chair of the Cannabis Law Group at Torkin Manes, was quoted in Marijuana Business Daily regarding a change to the Bermuda laws to allow Bermuda investment vehicles to invest into the legal cannabis market.

"Andrew J. Wilder, chairman of the cannabis group at the Torkin Manes law firm in Toronto, believes lifting the regulatory ban on funds could lead to greater capital access for legal cannabis businesses."

“People who wouldn’t otherwise be interested in investing, or who could perhaps invest more money, would likely find that by structuring some of their cannabis investments through a Bermuda fund to be an attractive option,” he said.

“… If they flow their money through such a fund, the taxes that would be payable in connection with monetizing the investments made by the fund should be less than they would otherwise be if the investor were to invest directly into the cannabis business, and as such, the return to the investor should generally be higher.”

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