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Dec 17, 2021

Championing Legislative Reform of the Ontario Planning Act to Improve Access for Ontarians


“Driving change requires persistence and champions who will work together toward the same precise goal. I was fortunate to count on the leadership and collaboration of Minister Clark, Sid Troister, Ray Leclair, and many others who helped to move Ontario’s planning legislation forward by decades through the impacts of one private member’s bill.” – Ontario Attorney General Doug Downey

Congratulations to Sidney Troister and other dedicated members of the real estate legal community, whose expertise and tireless efforts to move justice forward have been instrumental in the implementation of important amendments to the Ontario Planning Act.

As an expert on the provisions of subdivision control in Ontario, Sid proposed changes to the Government of Ontario in 2000, and with great persistence and the political assistance of Doug Downey, the now Attorney General for Ontario, legislation to amend the Act was introduced into the Legislature. Having been armed with insights and perspectives gained from more than two decades of championing changes to the legislation, Sid was subsequently engaged as a formal advisor to Minister Steve Clark, who resumed the initiative as part of his mandate on behalf of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, following Doug Downey’s transition to Cabinet.  

Without compromising the purpose of the Act, these reforms reflect significant enhancements, simplifications and practical adjustments that have been designed to modernize the legislation and improve the ways in which Ontarians interact with it. Many of these amendments are expected to take effect on January 1, 2022, and will benefit home owners, farmers, land developers, lenders, real estate lawyers and agents, title insurers and the public at large.  

We will provide further insights about the amendments when they become available in the New Year. In the meantime, for more information about how these improvements can make a difference for your clients, please read the article from Ontario Attorney General Doug Downey.

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