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Nov 27, 2020

Loretta Merritt speaks to the CBC on convicted sex offender Donald Sullivan


Loretta Merritt speaks to the CBC on convicted sex offender Donald Sullivan. 

Lawyer Loretta Merritt has been involved with cases against Scouts Canada for decades, including one ongoing civil case involving Sullivan. She says Scouts Canada should alert people in Newfoundland and Labrador about Sullivan's past.

"It's hard to think of any other area in which a potential defendant would ever actively encourage potential plaintiffs to come forward," Merritt said in an interview.

"But when you're an organization dedicated to enhancing the welfare of children and know that there's a possibility that ... actual horrors have happened to children with whose care you are entrusted, there may be — if not legal obligations — certainly higher moral obligations, that supersede your own self-interest in not getting sued."

Merritt said if there are victims in the province, knowing they aren't alone could help them seek help, heal and even come forward.

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