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Oct 12, 2018

Matt Maurer speaks to CBC regarding Canadian cannabis industry professionals’ ability to travel to the United States

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Cannabis law group Vice-Chair Matt Maurer was interviewed by the CBC today for its article “Canadian pot industry workers will be able to enter U.S. for pleasure travel”.

Matt discussed the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s update to its statement pertaining to the admissibility / inadmissibility of Canadians who work in the cannabis industry into the United States.

Matt noted that the revised statement from the American government was helpful but worded in a manner which would still give border officials discretion as to whether to allow or disallow Canadians entry into the country.

Matt also noted that he expects that the American government’s policy will continue to evolve as time goes on, especially given that additional states are likely to legalize the recreational use of cannabis later this year.

To read the full article on CBC’s website click here.

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