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Co- author, "Same, Same, but Different: Uncommon Law(s) When Doing Business in Canada"

Lisa R. Lifshitz and Cameron McMaster Director’s Technology Handbook: Tips and Strategies for Advising Corporate Directors (published by the American Bar Association in May, 2021)
May 12, 2021

Persuasive Trial Advocacy

Ronald D. Manes Thomson Reuters A unique look at the psychological principles of persuasion and the effective communication needed to strategize every aspect of the trial process.
Oct 9, 2020

Artificial Intelligence in Canada

Lisa R. Lifshitz and Myron Mallia-Dare Chapter author in Law of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Machines: Understanding A.I. and the Legal Impact How will the law change to accommodate the role of artificial intelligence in society and how much of that change has occurred already? When machines ...
Aug 20, 2019

Cloud 3.0: Drafting and Negotiating Cloud Computing Agreements

Lisa R. Lifshitz Co-Editor Who needs a book on contracting with cloud computing vendors? Aren’t all cloud contracts basically commoditized, comprised of “boilerplate...
Apr 2, 2019

Co-author, Chapter 1: Entitlement to Child and Spousal Support.

Adam Keeping Support Rights and Obligations Under Ontario Family Law, edited by Robert M. Halpern, 1-46. Toronto: Thomson Reuters  
May 31, 2018

Settling Family Law Cases: Practical Techniques for Advocates and Neutrals

Lorne H. Wolfson Published by Carswell, 2017 Family law cases are notoriously difficult to settle. Containing hundreds of practical tips, Settling Family Law Cases: Practical Techniques for ...
Oct 23, 2017

Landlord’s Rights and Remedies in a Commercial Lease, A Practical Guide (2nd Edition)

Kenneth Beallor Co-Editor, Canada Law Book The commercial lease landscape has evolved considerably since the first edition of Landlord’s Rights and Remedies in a Commercial Lease: A Pract...
Jun 9, 2017
May 1, 2014

Advising the Family-Owned Business

Robert M. Halpern, Risa Awerbuck and Jeffrey I. Cohen Thomson Reuters, Canada Law Book, loose leaf service publication; first published in 1999, with annual updates Assistant Editor and Contributing Author: Sandra Jackson Contributing Authors: Risa Awerbuck, Jeffrey I. Cohen, Violet French, Sammy Re...
Oct 16, 2013

RFID In Canada

Lisa R. Lifshitz Chapter co-author, American Bar Association's RFIDs, Near-Field Communications, and Mobile Payments: A Guide for Lawyers
Jul 1, 2013

Putting It All Together: Applying Your Knowledge to Real World Fact Situations

Daniel S. Melamed Pension and Benefit Entitlements Upon Marriage Breakdown: The Legal Guide, The Law Society of Upper Canada
Jan 16, 2013

Privacy Law

Lisa R. Lifshitz Chapter Co-author, Advertising Law in Canada, 4th Edition, LexisNexis Canada
Oct 1, 2012

Internet Law in Canada

Lisa R. Lifshitz Chapter Co-author, Internet Law for the Business Lawyer, American Bar Association
Aug 1, 2012
Jan 2, 2012
Jan 1, 2012

Delay Clauses in International Construction Contracts

Gregory D. Hersen Chapter Author, Kluwer Law International, Canadian Section
Jan 1, 2010

'Reply to All,' Email Use, Abuse, Privilege, Liability and Complaints

Daniel S. Melamed The Six Minute Family Lawyer 2008, The Law Society of Upper Canada
Dec 1, 2008

Subordination and Attornment

Kenneth Beallor Shopping Centre Leases, 2nd Edition, Aurora: Canada Law Book
Jan 1, 2008

Ontario Human Rights Code

Peter C. Straszynski and Lisa Corrente Co-author, Canadian Forms & Precedents, Butterworths
Jan 1, 2006
Jan 1, 2006
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