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If you think child support doesn't apply to stepchildren, think again

Adam N. Black Financial Post Monthly child support payments from one parent to the other are one of the most common outcomes of a separation. As time goes by, separated parents of...
Jun 8, 2022

Family law faces double-dipping dilemma when it comes to stock options, other deferred compensation

Laurie H. Pawlitza Financial Post The Child Support Guidelines and the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines have helped harmonize the awards of child support and spousal support across ...
May 16, 2022

Lying low may not be the best course of action when it comes to temporary spousal support claims

Laurie H. Pawlitza Financial Post Spousal support is one of the most discretionary areas of family law. The issue can become even more complex when a spouse claims retroactive support ...
Apr 13, 2022

Judge awards damages for 'family violence' in landmark case

Adam N. Black Financial Post In a ground-breaking decision, an Ontario court recently ordered a husband to pay his former wife damages of $150,000 on account of the physical and p...
Mar 16, 2022

Father awarded more than $675,000 in costs after epic five-year fight over kids

Adam N. Black Financial Post After five years of litigation, culminating in a 39-day trial and an award of costs in excess of $675,000, a father was finally able to restore his re...
Feb 25, 2022

Suing your ex's family for conspiracy no longer out of bounds if they help in the evasion of child support

Laurie H. Pawlitza Special to Financial Post After separation, it’s common for extended families to get involved in a couple’s divorce. Most of the time, the family of a separated spouse will pro...
Feb 8, 2022

Omicron trumps court order for separated parents in Christmas travel dispute

Adam N. Black Special to Financial Post Issues related to the Omicron variant are already making their way into Canada’s family courts, where a judge last week blocked a separated father fro...
Dec 22, 2021

The pandemic has complicated child support payments by the self-employed

Laurie H. Pawlitza Special to Financial Post The pandemic’s economic effect on Canadians has caused a significant decline in income in many industries with one result being that courts are more c...
Nov 23, 2021
Nov 15, 2021

Why failure to disclose financial information is 'the cancer' of family law

Adam N. Black Special to Financial Post For separated spouses, the exchange of full and frank financial information is a fundamental underpinning to the resolution of financial issues arisin...
Oct 27, 2021

Why courts can allow children to make up their own minds about getting vaccinated

Laurie H. Pawlitza Special to Financial Post Whether a child should be vaccinated for COVID-19 is the latest conflict between separated parents now being determined by the courts.
Oct 13, 2021

Supreme Court doesn't let father who left country off the hook for $170,000 in child support

Adam N. Black Special to Financial Post Last September, the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed a parent’s ability to make a retroactive claim for child support. Focusing on the child’s best i...
Jun 21, 2021

Bill and Melinda not the only high-net-worth couple whose divorce playbook is ahead of the curve

Laurie H. Pawlitza Special to Financial Post The news of Bill and Melinda Gates’ recent separation after 27 years of marriage has caused a media frenzy and a mix of awe and envy in family law cir...
May 14, 2021

Lawyer as Negotiator

Adam Keeping Instructor / Negotiation Coach, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University (2016 to present) Adam is an instructor/negotiation coach for the “Lawyer as Negotiator” course at Osgoode Hall Law School. He has participated in this...
May 4, 2021

Law Practice Program

Adam Keeping Advisor & Assessor, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON (2020 to present)  
May 4, 2021

Updated Divorce Act emphasizes parental responsibilities over rights to children

Laurie H. Pawlitza Special to Financial Post Six weeks ago, the first significant changes in years were made to the Divorce Act, the federal legislation that deals with parenting, child and spous...
Apr 14, 2021

Catch me if you can: Case shows 'fake evidence' and witness coaching among perils of digital-age trials

Adam N. Black Special to Financial Post Owing to the changing landscape of technology, the evidentiary records over which judges must pore today are full of countless forms of electronic evi...
Mar 5, 2021

Why the court is blocking an Alberta man's request for a quick divorce so he can remarry

Laurie H. Pawlitza Financial Post The Divorce Act allows a divorce to proceed once certain criteria have been met, one of which is that the couple must have been separated for at least...
Jan 13, 2021
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