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Preparation of Domestic Contracts: Tips, Tricks and Pitfalls to Avoid

Justyna A. Waxman and Victoria Ourumis The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario Justyna Waxman and Victoria Ourumis will speak at the ILCO’s 30th Annual Conference “Refocus. Reconnect. Recharge."
Nov 4, 2022

Admission of New Evidence on Appeal: The SCC’s Decision in Barendregt v. Grebliunas

Justyna A. Waxman Ontario Bar Association On May 20, 2022, the Supreme Court of Canada released its long-awaited reasons in Barendregt v. Grebliunas, a landmark decision which considered when ...
Jun 10, 2022
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Post-Separation Parenting in the Wake of COVID-19

Justyna A. Waxman To say that the outbreak of COVID-19 has created confusion and uncertainty for many family law clients, many of whom were already struggling with the ...
Apr 3, 2020

Mother awarded costs after father tries (and fails) to play hardball

Justyna A. Waxman The Lawyer's Daily Mackie v. Crowther 2019 ONSC 6431, a well-reasoned recent decision of Justice Alex Pazaratz, is the most recent of a long line of family court decisio...
Nov 26, 2019

New legislative changes to federal support enforcement laws

Justyna A. Waxman Lawyer's Daily Through their enforcement efforts, federal, provincial and territorial governments disburse about $2 billion annually to Canadian families to satisfy ...
Sep 18, 2019
Torkin Manes LegalPoint

Bill C-78 – The Long-awaited Overhaul of the Federal Divorce Act

Justyna A. Waxman Torkin Manes LegalPoint Overview Bill C-78, An Act to amend the Divorce Act, the Family Orders and Agreements Enforcement Assistance Act and the Garnishment, Attachment and ...
Sep 6, 2019
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