Aug 20, 2019

Artificial Intelligence in Canada

By Lisa R. Lifshitz
Chapter author in Law of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Machines: Understanding A.I. and the Legal Impact View original

How will the law change to accommodate the role of artificial intelligence in society and how much of that change has occurred already? When machines make their own decisions with financial impact, who receives credit or blame? This new guide provides an in-depth examination of how artificial intelligence has evolved, how it will affect the legal profession, and how the law will be reformed to meet the new realities created by AI. 

Written by high-level industry experts, this guide discusses a wide-range of AI topics including a history and introduction, healthcare regulation, entertainment, labor laws, aviation, military applications, cybernetics and biorobotics, copyright law, cybersecurity issues, product liability, AI and the transactional law practice, the future of AI, and more.

The chapter titled Artificial Intelligence in Canada co-authored by Lisa R. Lifshtiz of our Emerging Technology and  Technology, Privacy & Data Management Groups.

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