“We’re not looking for students; we’re looking for partners.”

Len Rodness
Partner, Torkin Manes

Who we are

Our clients choose us for our common-sense approach. We help them achieve their goals—with value for their legal dollar.

We are proud to be ranked the #1 Regional Law Firm in Ontario by Canadian Lawyer magazine. Our associates also consistently rank us in Canadian Lawyer as one of the top Toronto law firms for junior lawyers. Why? Because they get to practise real-life law, helping clients while being mentored by seasoned practitioners in their chosen legal fields.

Because we want our associates to become our partners, we help them through life’s passages too. For example, we give our associates special help preparing for parental leave. A seasoned partner (and parent) helps new parents ramp down before going on parental leave, then ramp up again in preparation for return to fulltime practice. Torkin Manes spearheaded the Justicia project, an initiative of the Law Society of Ontario designed to retain and advance women lawyers in private practice. 

That’s why our firm continues to attract people who want to practice law in a high quality and friendly environment where every lawyer is helped to realize their potential and to excel, not only in the office, but in the community. It is a culture and vision that has stood the test of time, and one that makes all of us proud to be part of such a unique team.