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Shareholder actions for loss of share value: Evolution of Ontario corporate law

Marco P. Falco The Lawyer's Daily Does a shareholder have a personal cause of action where harm is done to her personally as a result ...
Sep 24, 2020

Clouds without borders: the dangers of non-localized cloud contracts

Lisa R. Lifshitz Canadian Lawyer It’s an exciting time in your organization. Your business has completed its due diligence and has fo...
Sep 23, 2020

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Cannabis Retail Space

Andrew J. Wilder and Jonathan Mahoney Business of Cannabis The end of the lottery process in Ontario and the opening-up of cannabis retail to the public at the...
Sep 22, 2020
Firm News

Torkin Manes is proud to present the 15th Annual Canadian Lawyer InHouse General Counsel Roundtable

Hosted by Torkin Manes, the 15th annual Canadian Lawyer InHouse Roundtable focuses on the issue of r...
Sep 21, 2020
Torkin Manes LegalWatch

How do Canadian Courts Determine a Statute’s Purpose? The Role of “Soft Law”

Marco P. Falco One of the key factors a Court has to take into account when interpreting legislation is the Act’s p...
Sep 21, 2020

Shareholder actions for loss of share value: Are they now possible?

Marco P. Falco The Lawyer's Daily At common law, a corporation has always been treated as a discrete legal entity from its shareholder...
Sep 18, 2020
In the News

Loretta Merritt quoted in several publications on Roman Catholic diocese appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada

Loretta P. Merritt Canadian Lawyer Loretta Merritt was quoted in several publications regarding her client, Irene Deschenes' decades-lo...
Sep 17, 2020
Torkin Manes LegalPoint

Ontario Government Extends Lay-Off Periods and Provides Further Temporary Relief Under the ESA

Daniel Pugen and Shreya Patel With the stated goal of protecting jobs and businesses, the Ontario government has extended the time...
Sep 11, 2020