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Considerations Before Seeking Judicial Review Checklist (ON)

Marco P. Falco LexisNexis Canada's Practice Guidance tool This checklist identifies some of the most important factors an applicant should consider when decid...
Aug 03, 2022
Torkin Manes LegalPoint

COVID-19 Period Ends on July 30, 2022, and Temporary Lay-Off Rules Resume

Shreya Patel As employers know, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ontario government passed a regulation ...
Jul 28, 2022

Think your marriage contract is a sweetheart deal? Case shows courts may not be so sure

Adam N. Black Financial Post Marriage contracts can be an effective tool for a couple wishing to create certainty in the event of...
Jul 28, 2022
Torkin Manes LegalPoint

Electronic Monitoring of Employees – Government of Ontario Provides Guidance

Shreya Patel In April 2022, the Government of Ontario enacted Bill 88, Working for Workers Act, 2022, which, amon...
Jul 26, 2022
Torkin Manes LegalWatch

Top 5 Lessons You Now Need to Learn About Administrative Delay

Marco P. Falco The delay in a regulatory or administrative process can have a profound impact on the parties affect...
Jul 25, 2022

No Coffee Breaks from Privacy Compliance - A Cautionary Tale for App Developers

Roland Hung and Ida Sherkat Ontario Bar Association Roland Hung and Ida Sherkat were featured by the Ontario Bar Association.
Jul 21, 2022

New option for Canadian charities working with non-qualified donees

Linda J. Godel and Nathaniel Balakumaran The Lawyers’ Daily Canadian registered charities that work with non-charities now have another manner of doing so. Spec...
Jul 20, 2022